I have had over 18 years of experience dealing with the milk allergies of my own children and have become an expert in adapting and creating recipes that the entire family can enjoy! An e-book version of The Milk Allergy Companion and Cookbook is now available! Click on the “E-book” link to purchase! Thanks for visiting!

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The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook

“This wonderful cookbook takes the guesswork out of cooking with a milk allergy. The recipes I’ve tried so far are delicious and don’t have a weird “acquired taste” to them like many allergy friendly recipes do. The Grilled Dijon Chicken is to die for, and many of the recipes are so good you’ll be looking for excuses to invite friends and family over for dinner. Living with a milk allergy can be hard, but this cookbook is an excellent companion for making mealtime a breeze.” Bonnie M. Clark – Amazon Review

“My son has a milk allergy and is now a teenager. I use this cookbook more than any other for finding great recipes for everyday use as well as special occasions. The collection of recipes is unique and very impressive for those of us who enjoy cooking. Honestly, it is one of the best that I have found for those allergic to milk.” Saffie Farris – Amazon Review

“Having a child with milk allergies, as well as fruit and other food related allergies can be very overwhelming. I found milk the hardest one to deal with and eliminate from our daily meals. I just happen to stumble upon this cookbook and thought I’d give it a try. It has some great tips in it. This book is where I first learned of dairy free butter and chocolate chips. That alone has made things wonderful. I’ve only had the cookbook for a couple weeks, but so far out of the several main meals and baked items I’ve tried, everything has been wonderful. My 2 1/2 year old still will only eat so much given her age, but her allergies eliminates a lot too, and she’s eaten just about everything I’ve made so far. It’s opening up a whole new world for her. Many dairy free things are not the greatest, but my husband even likes the recipes so far, and that says a lot. As a matter of fact, just yesterday my daughter and I made the chocolate chip cookies from this book and he told me they were better than what I usually make! This cookbook is teaching me how to incorporate dairy free meals into our lives. Whether it’s a recipe from this book, or using a tip from this book in our daily meals. Also, the ingredients are very simple, nothing fancy that you can’t get at a regular store. I live in a small town and do not have access to any big fancy stores, which is my big complaint with ingredients in other cookbooks….you can never get most of them. But most importantly, in the last few weeks I have made only “one” meal for everyone! No more fixing separate meals. Life is good. Many thanks to Juventa Vezzani.” Michele – Amazon Review

“When milk allergies hit home, and all the shopping and preparation of food needed to change, it was easy to feel overwhelmed. I didn’t even know all the things that were derivatives of milk which led to some miserable mistakes. Initially, I was preparing 2 separate meals for the allergic and the non-allergic. The effort and money spent shopping for double meals was disheartening to say the least. I wanted to go back to family dining as I’d known it before. I had struggled thru adapting recipes and some worked and some didn’t. Now I have this cookbook and it has taken the guesswork out of the equation!! Information provided at the beginning of the book helps me to safely adapt our pre-milk allergy family favorites! The icing on the cake are the new favorites from the delicious recipes provided in the cookbook. This cookbook is a winner!” A Grateful Granny

“The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook is a life saver! The recipes are wonderful and there is such variety that I am able to make wonderful meals that my children love. We loved the Porcupine Meatball recipe, Banana Bread, and the Pumpkin Bread (my favorite). There are many easy recipes with ingredients you can find at home. The entire family enjoys these recipes, not just the kids with milk allergies. Everyone should have a copy, even those who don’t have milk allergies. You’ll love the pictures throughout. Thank you Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook for the delicious variety of recipes!” Todd A. Morgan – Amazon Review

“This is a great cookbook for the entire family. There is a great variety of recipes. The color photos are inspiring. It’s nice not having to cook two separate meals for those in my family with milk allergies. The recipes taste great and are easy to make. Taste is very important to me. I have also found the website www.milkallergycompanion.com and the blog to be useful.” happydadinwv – Amazon Review

“These innovative recipes are perfect for creating wonderful meals that my four grandchildren, who are allergic to milk, enjoy. I highly recommend this cookbook for anyone who is dealing with milk allergies. The colored photographs throughout are enticing and encourage me to try several recipes I otherwise would not have made. Check out the website link for more great recipes!” Grammy L. – Amazon Review

“We don’t have milk allergies, but I bought the book for the recipes, because they looked terrific. They are tested and delicious, and we love using the recipes from this cookbook!” Cynthia Olson – Amazon Review

“I don’t have children with milk allergies, but when I came upon this book, I just had to try the recipes. They all looked so good and something that my whole family would enjoy. The dishes were exactly what I was looking for. My family couldn’t tell there were any different ingredients, and I love the taste of all that I have tried. A good choice for families of all backgrounds.” Kristi Carpenter – Amazon Review

“This cookbook was recommended to me soon after I became a new mother. I was amazed to read how many ways dairy is introduced into everyday life, and was really impressed with all the helpful tips on how to avoid dairy for those with extreme allergies. The recipes are delicious, detailed, and easy to follow, and the pictures make you hungry for more! I’m so glad to have this information for my family’s health, and the recipes for my family’s stomachs.” Wyse Mom – Amazon Review

“When my first grandson was diagnosed with true milk allergies, my daughter-in-law needed to make some major changes in their eating habits. She learned it the hard way with her first, and often served him separate meals, but when 3 more children showed an intolerance for milk she became determined to make eating seem normal again. That was easier said than done as a real learning curve was part of that process. Her many frustrations dealing with meal preparation led to this “Milk Allergy Companion and Cookbook”. Juventa believed that if she could make it easier for just one person dealing with the eating changes necessitated by a milk allergy, the effort to produce this cookbook would be worth it. I am inspired by her determination, while raising and home schooling her 5 children, to stick with that belief. The result … a cookbook that alleviates the anxiety and frustration of preparing meals for someone with milk allergies while providing delicious recipes for the whole family. The introduction provides information needed to adapt some of your own family favorites. If you are frustrated by the challenges of a milk allergy, this is “5 star” help!!” Janell Vezzani

“This cookbook has lot of great ideas for parents facing a kiddy dairy allergy. The tips have been very helpful in keeping my kids healthy. I’ve tried about fifteen recipes, and they’ve all been delicious and relatively simple. My only frustration is that the recommended serving sizes seem to be too small–I’ve finally figured out that to make the rice cereal with apples for breakfast, I need to quadruple the recipe for my family of five (kids ages 4, 2, and 1), or there won’t be any left for me! The cookbook is admittedly expensive, but it’s been worth the money for my family.” T. Haglund – Amazon Review

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