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The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook is NOW available in PDF format as an e-book!!!

“My son has a milk allergy and is now a teenager. I use this cookbook more than any other for finding great recipes for everyday use as well as special occasions. The collection of recipes is unique and very impressive for those of us who enjoy cooking. Honestly, it is one of the best that I have found for those allergic to milk.” Saffie Farris

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Due to popular demand, The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook is now available in PDF format!!! Enjoy all the same recipes and tips INSTANTLY in a convenient format for your computer. You can also print out recipes as you need them.*

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About the Cookbook:

The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook is a wonderful guide and cookbook for those who have a milk allergy or who know someone with one. If you’re tired of cooking two separate meals to accommodate a milk allergy, then this is the cookbook for you! With over 11 years experience and 2 years in test kitchens, the Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook can help you make tasty meals using normal ingredients that the whole family can enjoy. Inside you’ll find over 175 tested recipes, amazingly all dairy-free, a shopping and eating out guide, a list of hidden sources of dairy, ideas for nursing moms who have to go off of all dairy products, ideas for birthday parties, school, and other special occasions, quick meal ideas and a list of dairy-free snacks, and tips and tricks for cooking dairy-free (as well as a few tips on how to adapt for an egg allergy). With The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook, you can embrace and savor life, in spite of your milk allergy.

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Front of The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook

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Back of Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook

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***As a special note, I have since developed an allergy to soy after having written this cookbook. Thankfully, the recipes are EASILY adapted to make them soy-free as well as dairy-free. I have had much success substituting rice milk and almond milk in every recipe. I have also had success using Fleischmann’s Unsalted Margarine (contains soy lecithin) with no problems in baking and Earth Balance Soy and Dairy-free Margarine (our Walmart carried it!) for use in sauteing as well as spreading on top of things. I spoke with my allergist and was told that soy sauce would not be a problem with my allergy since there is little to no soy protein in it, so I have used soy sauce with no problems. Because my soy allergy is not life threatening, always consult your allergist prior to any baking. Hopefully this helps if you suffer from both a soy and dairy allergy. Happy cooking!!!***

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