Category: Restaurant Woes

Wendy’s Honey BBQ Chicken

We went to Wendy’s the other night, and my son (now 13) decided that he wanted to test the Wendy’s Honey BBQ Chicken wings.  The menu said that they didn’t contain any dairy in the batter, however, they were cooked in the same oil as items that contained dairy.  Since he tested so low with his most recent allergy test, I felt that it would be a safe for him to try them.  About 30 minutes or so after dinner, he broke out in a few hives underneath his arm and on his chest as well as a small eczema rash on his chest.  I gave him some Benadryl just in case the reaction spread quickly and sent him to bed.  It looks like we need to go back to being 100% strict, at least for now:)

***On a side note, he had a small bite of peanut brittle the other day with no apparent reaction.  It had butter as one of the ingredients.  (He thought it had no dairy in it.)  I’m not sure why he reacts to some things and why other things don’t seem to affect him.  I just hope that he can figure out how severe his allergy still is before going on to college, etc.***

A HUGE tip!

After we discovered my oldest son’s milk allergy, we began a long journey of mistakes. I remember when he was still in diapers, we went to a fancy restaurant. I ordered a fruit slushie that had a dollop of whipped cream on top. We were all eating peacefully when my son took a sip of my drink. I figured that it would be okay since the whipped cream was only on the top, and the straw was taking drink from the bottom of the glass. Ten minutes later, he started vomitting all over the table, carpeted floor, and chair. My husband heard the lady next to us say, “I’m not hungry anymore.” They got up and left. Unsure what to do, we quickly go up, paid, and left the largest tip I’ve ever left. I’d hate to have been the one on bus duty:)

Chuck E. Cheese, no milk please!

Going to restaurants with a milk allergy can be a real challenge at times. One time we went to Chuck E. Cheese as a family. My oldest son wanted to order food, however, most of the menu items seemed to have milk. After much inquiry, we finally discovered that the dough for the breadsticks was dairy-free, however, they lathered each set with butter while raising. I asked if they could start a new batch but put no dairy on top. So, while the rest of the family ate pizza, my son waited patiently for his breadsticks to dip in marinara sauce. Thirty Minutes later a hot order of freshly baked breadsticks arrived at our table. I took one look at them and then sighed as I saw the mountain of parmesan cheese piled on top. I looked up at the waiter, and he smiled and said, “We made sure that there was no butter on top.” I smiled, thanked him for the breadsticks and for his time, and started laughing. With a name like Chuck E. “Cheese” I should’ve known better. I cut the top half of the breadstick off, and gave my son the bottom portion, hoping that none of the cheese had gotten on it. It’s amazing how little people know about what contains dairy:) My advice…never assume that the waiter knows. Always check the label!