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Valentine’s Day Allergy Friendly Ideas

Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be a reminder of your food allergy.  I got this information from:  I’ve added some of my own tips in red.  Enjoy!!!  (Also, another great allergy friendly bakery just came out called Kravingz.  I haven’t tried it yet, but have heard great things about it!  They do custom cakes, cookies, and treats, and accommodate many food allergies.)

10 Food Allergy Safe Activities for Valentine’s Day

Valentine's Heart1. Make homemade presents for the teacher or class such as:

  • A Valentine’s Day card
  • Cupcakes or bread  
  • Chocolates or candy  
    • There are plenty of dairy-free candies out there.  We also saw a yummy chocolate truffle recipe in the Family Fun Magazine.  It uses soymilk, but I’m certain that you could use almond milk or rice milk if you have a soy allergy.  Here’s the link:  I’ve purchased the Giardelli’s semi-sweet chocolate chips before, and they are dairy-free (though I believe that they may have been manufactured in a facility with dairy).  They also sell soy-free and dairy-free chocolate chips at
  • A homemade bouquet of paper or silk flowers  
    • When my husband and I were dating, he made me an entire bouquet of flowers using origami.  It was such a wonderful surprise and so thoughtful!  I loved it:)
  • A bouquet of fresh flowers

2. Make and decorate a fun mailbox for Valentine’s Day. Some suggestions:

  • Paper mâché, tins or a shoe box
  • Decorate with craft foam, glitter, magazine cut outs, markers, stickers or different materials from the arts and crafts store to make it really fun.

3. Create original Valentine’s Day cards at home.

  • My kids LOVE making their own Valentine’s Day cards.  I pull out stickers, stamps, cardstock, scissors, and glue and let them have fun.  The possibilities are endless!!!

4. Make homemade chocolate that is safe for your child for the holiday.
5. Make homemade sugar candies (see Valentine’s allergy-free recipes or visit our Safe Eats™ Database).
6. Style decorative wrappers out of aluminum foil or colored plastic wrap for your candies and chocolates.
7. Make a decorative box for your chocolates or candies out of:

  • Wood or cardboard boxes from an arts and craft store
  • Paper mâché or tin

Be Mine Hearts8. Make homemade hearts with fun Valentine’s Day sayings on them such as “Be Mine,” “Cutie Pie” or others. Hearts can be made from:

  • Safe dough or clay baked and then left to air dry and harden
  • Paper, card stock, or foam
  • For a special touch, personalize them with the recipient’s name
  • Decorate with hand-drawn pictures using crayons, markers or paint.
  • Add glitter for a sparkling touch.

9. Make fun Valentine’s bracelet jewelry using loops of decorated construction paper, or strings of beads or safe pasta noodles.
10. Create flowers by hand out of tissue paper, cloth, or clay.

Birthday Parties

One of the hardest things I’ve had to witness is watching my son interact at birthday parties. Many times we arrive and he can’t have the ice cream, the cake, the pizza, or any of the goodies. I usually ask if I can look through their pantry for something he can have. Often he ends up with a graham cracker or a Ritz cracker with honey or peanut butter on it.

These situations really make it hard for your little one to belong and fit in. One idea that I want to start doing is to make a whole batch of chocolate cupcakes, frost them, and then freeze them. That way whenever he needs to go to a birthday party, I can just grab one of the cupcakes and send it with him. I also want to have the “So Delicious” ice cream on hand. It truly is “purely decadent” as its label states.

Another idea for birthday parties is to ask ahead of time what the meal will be. I have done this in the past and it has really helped. If the meal is pizza, then I can grab a frozen calzone (homemade – dairy-free) and at least he can have something that tastes similar. Another quick pizza is taking an English muffin or Bagel (READ THE LABEL!!!), spreading spaghetti sauce on top, adding a few pieces of pepperoni, and cooking it on broil for a few minutes. This is a very quick and tasty pizza. If pizza is too hard to make, then something similar is Hamburger Macaroni ( It is easy to make and he loves it. Our favorite hot dogs are the Hebrew National Hot Dogs. There is no dairy and they are DELICIOUS! I always like to have a few on hand in the freezer as they are a really quick and handy lunch that can be brought to almost any social setting. Preparation is the key to success with birthday parties.

At one birthday party, I was touched by the care that the mother took to make my son feel welcome. She called me ahead of time to double check ingredients. She ordered Papa John’s pizza for the kids, and ordered a Papa John’s pizza with no cheese on top just for my son. (Papa John’s pizza crust doesn’t have milk.) She also made the cake herself and made it dairy free. It is amazing how much people are willing to accomodate an allergy if they are just educated.