After many recommendations, I have finally scheduled my children to see Dr. Wood at Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, MD.  It is an 8 month waiting list, and a bit of a drive, but he does in office challenge testing and has received the highest of recommendations.  

As a side note, with the upcoming birth of my sixth child, I am preparing myself to once again go completely dairy-free while nursing and I will reintroduce cow’s milk a little bit at a time to see if she has any adverse reactions.

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  1. I am thrilled to have just come across your website! I have a one year old son with a severe milk allergy and your website is wonderful! I am excited to try some of your recipes!

  2. I too am so excited that my husband found your book on Amazon!! I can't wait to buy it and make dairy free recipes.

    We're still not sure what's wrong with me, but I'm pretty confident that my body no longer can digest any form of dairy.

    Thank you so much for sharing all of your knowledge with the world! It definitely has given me more hope of eating normal foods and feeling great in the future.

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words:) I'm glad that it is helpful and wish you the best in living life to its fullest in spite of your allergies!

  4. Hi. I'm fairly new to finding your blog but I wanted to tell you I have a friend who's son sees Dr. Wood. She absolutely adores him. I got to hear him speak at FAAN's conference in Baltimore and got to speak to him. He was great. Good luck with your appointment and wait!

  5. Thank you for sharing your story with the blogging world. It’s so great to have found support. I am new to this world of “kid allergies” and am having a hard time dealing with it emotionally. Any advice or kind words would be much appreciated at this time.

  6. Jules,

    There is a book called Flourishing With Food Allergies that can offer advice as well as emotional support. (I've just bought it but have heard good things about it.) Also, joining a support group (if you have one locally) can be very helpful. Know that you are not alone in this!!! What kind of allergies does your child have? If it's dairy, I have some free recipes on my website (My favorite is the chocolate cake in the recipes archive…a life saver! It is dairy-free, butter-free, soy-free, and egg-free, and it's SO yummy:))

    Hang in there!


  7. My 3 year old has a severe dairy allergy. A sip of milk results in vomitting, hives, and eczema within 10 minutes. Over a year ago I was optimistic he would grow out of it. A recent challenge at home that was just a based on skin contact still resulted in hives in the local area. Subsequently I went ahead and scheduled an appt with Dr. Wood–in March 2010! We have been seeing an allergist. Our allergist is relatively conservative and I am hoping that Dr. Wood may have another, more progressive approach for moving forward. Can you share your experience with Dr. Wood?

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