I bought a new cereal, Cinnamon Chex, and served it to my kids for breakfast. All Chex cereals have been dairy-free to my knowledge, so I didn’t even think to read the label. As we were eating it, everyone commented on how delicious it was. I turned the box to see how much sugar was in it and saw that it contained milk. I told my anaphylactic son to dump it down the drain, rinse his mouth out, and drink a cup of water to dilute the cereal. The next day he was once again covered in an itchy rash covering his arms that he will now have for a few weeks until it finally goes away. He tries not to scratch it, but during the night it’s hard for him, and he’s now got little scabs over the rash. Another lesson learned on how important it is to always double check labels. Thank goodness a rash is all that happened:)


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  1. Everybody feeling better? I hope so!

    Thanks for the comment the other day on my recipe blog, and yes, I’d be happy to exchange links. I see that you’ve already added your link to my generic allergy blogroll, but I’ll also add you to my Dairy Free blogroll as well.

    It’s so nice to meet you! It’s always good to make new friends and have support when needed!

    BTW… Your cookbook looks amazing! Congratulations on publication!

  2. Oh dear I hope things have gotten better!

    We were using O’Soy yogurt until I happened to see in TINY red writing that the starter culture was dairy based. I was so angry that the warning was tiny (and on the back). I almost fed that to my dairy allergic child!! Of course I hadn’t checked the ingredients because O’Soy had been dairy free for so long.

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