Hi! I’m a mom of six precious cherubs who all have one thing in common. Me. Just kidding:) Actually, 5 out of 6 have all suffered in one way or another from a milk allergy/intolerance. I have created this website and written The Milk Allergy Companion & Cookbook because thirteen years ago, when it all began, I had no clue where to go or what to do to help my oldest son. If I had known what I know now, life would have definitely been easier and we would have had fewer trips to the emergency room. I hope that by posting this information it will in some way help someone else who suffers from the same thing.

 Let me start out by saying that I am NOT a doctor. Although I’ve dealt with this for thirteen years, I cannot be responsible for the advice given, and I encourage you to go to the appropriate source to get help for you or your child. That said, I do have a few lessons learned and “not-so-funny” stories that I’ve gone through.
In the beginning there were two college students desperately in love and willing to take the plunge into marriage. I was nineteen and he was almost 24. One month later, I was vomiting 5-20 times per day off and on for the next five months. 4 months later our oldest son was born. All seemed well until this rash appeared on his chest. He would itch it until it bled. We went to countless doctors and specialists. None of them checked for a milk allergy. We used multiple steroid creams to no avail. When he was 8-9 months old, I tried formula (I had nursed him up until that point except for one bottle in the hospital.) He immediately vomited the formula, which I thought was odd, so I continued nursing him. The rash was still present.

A few weeks later I tried giving him yogurt. After one bite of yogurt, he went into anaphylaxis and we rushed him to the urgent care. His eyelids swelled shut, and his entire body swelled up. It was surreal. I became pregnant with our second son and was still nursing, as I didn’t want to try formula again. Of course I got sick with my second pregnancy as well. My oldest son started losing weight, so naively I decided to give him a bottle of straight cow’s milk. This time his eyes rolled back and he had labored breathing. Finally we found an allergist who told us that he was allergic to milk and eggs.

And so our journey began…

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