Book Review for Evarance – Rise of the Shadows

Evarance - Rise of the Shadows

Evarance - Rise of the Shadows

This is a book review for the new release of the book Evarance – Rise of the Shadows.  First of all, I am a little bit biased because my sister wrote the book.  That said, I LOVED this book!!!  I mean, wow.  I had no idea that Bonnie had such a fierce imagination and a way with words.  Evarance is written for the pre-teen/teen/young adult audience, however, I completely enjoyed reading it as well.  It transforms you into a world of dreams and mystical elemental creatures capturing your heart and your imagination. While reading this book, you think about the reality of your own dreams. What if our dreams were real? Even more, what if we got trapped there?  To enter a drawing for a free book (expires in two days) click on this link.


Alternative sources of calcium with dairy allergy

Here is a list of the amount of calcium everyone needs (by age), and sources of where we can get it.  I got this list from Anne Gibbens, who got it from her nutritionist:


100 grams = about 1/2 cup

Daily Recommendations for Calcium
(Age – Calcium (mg))
0 to 6 months – 210 mg
7 to 12 months – 270 mg
1 to 3 years – 500 mg
4 to 8 years – 800 mg
9 to 18 years – 1,300* mg
19 to 50 years – 1,000 mg
Over 50 years – 1,200 mg

Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium (Amount needed to consume listed first; mg of calcium received listed second)

Fortified Rice Milk – 1 cup – 300 mg
Fortified Apple Juice – 1 cup
Calcium-fortified soymilk – 1 cup – 350 mg
Calcium-fortified orange juice – 1 cup – 350 mg
Oatmeal made with alt. milk – 1 cup – 300 mg
Calcium-fortified dry cereal – 1 oz. – 200-300 mg
Collards, cooked – 1 cup – 266 mg
Spinach – 1 cup – 291 mg
Blackstrap molasses – 1 Tbsp. – 172 mg
Turnip greens, cooked – ½ cup – 124 mg
Cowpeas, cooked – ½ cup – 106 mg
Kale, cooked – 1 cup – 90 mg
Broccoli, cooked – 1 cup – 71 mg
Other veggies and most fruit – 1 cup – 10-60 mg

I made her broccoli soup and she loved it. To thicken the soup, I use potatoes instead of cream/milk. It made for a very hearty soup that added to her calcium count.

Anne Gibbens
Loudoun Allergy Network

Dairy-free Margarine and a complete list of dairy products

Learning what items do and don’t contain dairy did not come easy for me. As rashes came and went, I slowly discovered what is and is not a dairy product. I remember going to the health food store to buy the slimy Tofutti Cheese slices and Soy Dream Ice Cream (which contained “whey,” by the way). As I was checking out, the attendant said, “You know, we also carry dairy-free margarine if you’re interested.” What!?! Margarine has milk? I purchased the soy margarine and then went home to do more research. I found out that in addition to non-fat milk, butter, lactose, and the regular cheeses, the following ingredients also contain dairy products: (Brace yourself!)

Dairy Ingredients and Hidden Dairy Products:

Artificial butter flavor, Butter, Butter fat, Buttermilk, Butter oil, Casein, Caseinates (ammonia, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, Cheese, Cottage cheese, Cream, Curds, Custard, Ghee, Goat’s milk, Half & half, Hydrolysates (casein, milk protein, protein, whey, why protein), Kefir, Koumiss, Lactalbumin, Lactalbumin phosphate, Lactoglobulin, Lactose, Lactulose, Milk (condensed, derivative, powder, dry, evaporated, low fat, malted, non fat, protein, skim, solids, whole), Milkfat, Nougat, Paneer, Pudding, Rennet casein, Sour Cream, Sour cream solids, Sour milk solids, Whey (in any form including delactosed, demineralized, protein concentrate, sweet), Yogurt

Ingredients that MAY contain milk protein:

Chocolate, Flavorings (natural or artificial), High protein flour, Hot Dogs, Luncheon Meat, Margarine, Simplesse, Sausage, Starter Distillate.
Avoid “deli” meats, because the slicers frequently are used to cut both meat and cheese products. Also, some deli meats contain dairy products.
Kosher labeling: A product label marked Parve or Pareve is certified dairy-free. A product with a circled “U” on the label (with NO other symbols or letters) is Parve. A “D” or “DE” on a product label next to a circled “K” or circled “U” may indicate the presence of milk protein.
(ingredient information taken from

To my amazement, all of my margarine at home contained “whey.” No wonder my son’s eczema rash was still so prevalent that he scratched it until it bled! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me? So, the Health Food Store became our new best friend, and I’m sure that we kept it in business for quite sometime. The soy margarine smelled like burnt popcorn, and the flavor was only so so. We purchased two separate margarines because of the taste until we discovered Earth Balance Margarine. We are now all convereted and not only do we enjoy a yummy buttery taste as a family, we also get to live without any Trans Fat! It bakes just like butter and is so yummy! With the exception of my pocket book, this was a happy day when I discovered it.

Here is a link to understanding a little bit more about Kosher labeling: